Monday, October 19, 2009

Houston Quilt Market 2009

My cute wife Amanda and Hope, at the 2009 International Quilt Market in Houston 2 weeks ago.The Quilt behind Amanda "Floogies Woobie"- was made by NelliesNeedlesQuiltPatterns.

I met some really fun store owners and people at Market including this picture with Marsha. I was looking really professional at Market..AUGH....actually I tried to get comfortable since my temp is souring while my Thyroid is still out of wack! btw- It was fun to see Quilts Etc in Sandy UT, just down the street from us, is carrying the entire line of fabric! :)

A quilt made out of my fabric by Emily from Carolina Patchworks: Its a cute quilt!

Our booth at the 2009 International Quilt Market in Houston, all of the cute kids clothing was designed by Somer at Rainy Day Wren.

My wife and I saying Hello and taking a picture with Amy-Rock Star-Butler at the 2009 international Quilt Market two weeks ago: :) Amy has always been very kind to us, even before we joined Westminster. Her husband Dave and Dad are great too.

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